Site Preparation

Preparing your site for a successful prairie planting is important.  Good site preparation will remove competing weeds, and improve your prairie plants success in establishment.   All sites are unique and an individual site preparation plan is recommended.  We provide all necessary equipment and materials necessary to prepare your seed bed.

Depending on your current status of your site various preparation strategies are involved.  The easiest site to plant prairie into in an established soybean field.   The site is generally weed free and the soy bean field is a smooth, firm ground surface that is perfect to seed into.  Conversely, conversion of a corn field is a little more difficult.  If there is a significant amount of corn stubble on the field, the debris may need to be baled and hauled off the site or plowed and disced.

If you are converting an established cool season grass parcel, pasture or idle grass land to native warm season grasses several steps may be necessary for site preparation.  Generally the site will be herbicide sprayed with a “Glyphosate” product to control current vegetation.   The site may need to be prescribed burned to eliminate the layer of heavy thatch.  If there were persistent cool season grasses on site an additional application of glyphosate may be needed to create a clean seed bed.  If you are resistant to herbicide, tillage will be an option for preparation.


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