Invasive Species Control

Invasive species may include buckthorn, thistle, crown vetch, garlic mustard, honeysuckle, and more.  There are numerous ways to combat invasive species. A well thought out plan of control is needed to attack invasive species. 

We provide multiple up-to-date control techniques for individual invasive species such as: single stem treatment, foliar spot spraying, cut stump with herbicide treatment, broadcast spraying, mowing and prescribe burning.  

 Foliar spray small invasive plants

  • Broadcast spray the site when there are thousands of stems per acre.
  • Foliar spray when stems are less than 4 feet tall.
  • Spot spray with hand held sprayer when there are scattered small stems.

Garlic mustard

Foliar spraying buckthorn

Fecon Mow Invasive Species
We use an ASV 80 skid steer with a Fecon head to mow down unwanted vegetation.

Before mowing After mowing
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