Forestry consultants with over 25 years experience

Partners Brad Gatzlaff and Jon Alness founded Zumbro Valley Forestry in 1986. Being natives of south eastern and south western Minnesota, they have come to appreciate and hold dear the beauty of the bluff lands along the Mississippi River, the prairie pothole regions of western Minnesota, and the rolling hills of western Wisconsin. We take pride in the reputation we have built with the quality of our work and the experience we have  acquired  in the natural resource world.

Projects include:

  • Forest, prairie and bluffland management and restoration
  • Land reclamation
  • Tree planting
  • Wildlife habitat improvement
  • Timber stand improvement
  • Timber sale administration
  • Stewardship Plan writing
  • Timber inventory
  • Invasive species control in forests and prairies

We are thorough, professional, highly focused on fine details including costs, regulations and environmental impact. Zumbro Valley Forestry has experience collaborating and working with government agencies, landowners, contractors and professional organizations. You will find we have strong communication and facilitation skills.

Our Forestry Technicians have hands on experience with all categories of projects for the Native Plant Restoration Project. All have worked on forest and prairie management practices for a combined 16 years. Employees participate in the Log Safe program and are licensed to apply herbicides commercially. We are certified and have experience conducting prescribed burns on prairies and woodland from 1 to 300 acres.

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